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"Homeboy" Official Premier Release 

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May 4th, 2024
Riviera Cinema
30170 Grand River Ave,
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
Doors Open at 7p


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"Blood couldn't make them closer. Blood couldn't keep them further apart."

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     Vegas never thought that a freezing walk to school in Georgia would change her life forever. An innocent ride in a plush Mercedes from Joe, the eighteen year old from around the corner, was all she needed.  Countless rides to school turned into limitless cash, shopping trips, countless lessons on the luxuries of life and multiple orgasms. 

        On Prom Night and her 18th Birthday Vegas gave herself to Joe.  Dressed in Valentino and Christian Louboutins; while riding in a convertible Maybach to a Floridian mansion off of the ocean was the perfect setting for her to lose her virginity to the suave and very wealthy Joe.   Life changed forever on this day as Vegas becomes pregnant by the man of her dreams.  Her pregnancy didn’t sit right with her parents.  A family fight at home turned into murder and a new baby.   A baby didn’t fit into Vegas lifestyle, but threesomes with her childhood bestie, and lover Nickle made life fun and exciting.  Nickle is sexy and the most popular stripper in the country.  Vegas always loved how Nickles warm breath felt when they talked up close.  When Nickle betrays Vegas she is lost and hurt.  Vegas took extreme measures to rectify her pain.  Joe doesn’t agree with her actions and becomes distant.  Other than Nickle, Joe had been her only lover.  

         Vegas searched for a way to feed her sexual desires.  Well-endowed men and pretty women were her forte.  She meets Leon at an exclusive, millionaires swingers club.  Rich with a large stocking stuffer was all she needed to forget about Joe and Nickle.  Money made Vegas happy, so money and Vegas will always go hand in hand.  After an hour in a room with Vegas, Leon is in love.  Vegas is not interested in love and walks out on Leon.  He finds her and convinces her to take him up on his offer of peace and serenity.  Leon offered her a million dollar home, her privacy and millions to spend.   Leon taught her how to pray. Vegas found GOD, yoga and a healthy vegan lifestyle.   Leon was sex, money and prayer.  He was her security.  That seemed to be perfect life for Vegas until she discovers that Leon is a liar. 

Betrayed again by someone she cares for; Vegas takes matters into her own hands in only a way that Vegas could.  Never looking back, Vegas continued to pray looking for answers.  

         Alone at home one day Josh and Trevor, two white college students, came knocking on her door.  The boys were only looking to shoot pictures of Vegas’ extravagant home, but got far more.   Foursomes with Vegas and the now 3 young men give her a life like she’s never known.  Sex, drugs and private parties gave her a new outlook on life.  These young men were her new best friends and she trusted them with her life.  They were rich, they fulfilled her sexual fantasies and they were fun.  Everything is going well until an unannounced blonde haired, blue-eyed visitor comes to ruin everything, pushing Vegas into a corner she’d been in before. 

         How does Vegas fix this problem?  Does she come out on top like she always has?  One thing about Vegas, she doesn’t lose.  Vegas is a story about a woman that loves money, fashion and sex.  Anyone that gets in her way, she moves – and sometimes she’ll move them permanently. Vegas is smart, she is sexy and she is dangerous.  Vegas may be a gamble, but she’s nobodies fool.

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