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We Produce Films Too!

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Coming 2023

Written & Directed by
My Dirty Pen Publishings own
Sareta Cheathem aka Jean Purdy

"Blood couldn't make them closer, blood couldn't make them further apart"

A story about 2 childhood friends that have shared everything since elementary school.  They even shared a dorm room in college.  Although these two young men are close, they couldn't me more different.  After years of togetherness, their adult lives challenge their friendship when Daryl falls in love.  Will Daryls love live prove to be too much for the lifetime friends?  Will Marv questioning Daryls new found love cause problems between the friends?  Or will, Daryls new love kill their relationship all together?


Director of Photography Darren Brown of Darren Brown Films are the eyes behind the camera on Homeboy the Movie. Brown and Cheathem have worked on videos and films since 2009 and Homeboy is their 2nd Feature Film.  WINNERZ being their 1st, Written & Produced by Cheathem & Directed by Brown

67079487952__CF4A3E90-E050-419F-BD88-73A5C7C0A43A 2.JPG

Why...WHY is there a PIG on the set of HOMEBOY?  


Lead Actors Nelson J Davis & Kwantais De'Ron pose for the Camera at the Homeboy Photo Shoot


Asst. Director/Actor Extraordinaire Don Snipes runs through lines with the cast of Homeboy (upper pic) Don Snipes w/Actor Nelson J Davis



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